2021 Virtual Tracks

2021 Virtual Tracks

The Future of eCommerce

The global explosion in eCommerce is undeniable and all-encompassing. 2020 was the year that saw more companies than ever move to or expand their online presence. Now, more than ever, retail is living and breathing online and the competition for customers is reaching boiling point. The customer of 2020 is informed and willing to search around. It is imperative you truly understand who they are – they may be loyal to a brand they connect with but also value availability. These are the trends you need to understand and the strategies your brand must deploy as we gear up for growth and projected retail e-commerce sales worldwide of 6.54 trillion dollars by 2022 – what will the next 12 months have in store?

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Cross Border Sales & International Growth

Brexit looms as we reach the close of 2020 – the outcomes of future trade deals are yet to be decided, but businesses must still shift in order to trade internationally. This practical track showcases what you need to know when it comes to payment models, localisation, global supply chains, tackling cybercrime and fraud and regulation & legal in the UK, EU and beyond.

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Unlocking the True Value of Customer Data

Customer data is increasingly disconnected – marketers must be experts at balancing and analysing data generated by e-mail, advertising and social media to ensure meaningful interactions and truly understand their customers. Changes to data privacy laws, third-party data and cookies have left many scrambling to catch up. Consumers demand relevant marketing but don't want to be hunted across the internet. How do you become a truly data-driven business?


eCommerce Marketing: Strategies for Growth

As E-Commerce sales exploded, online and marketing strategies were tested more than ever. Faced with reduced budgets and resources, it’s time for brands and retailers to get creative. We explore everything from social media strategies, generational targeting, performance of platforms during lockdown and beyond, integrated channel marketing and the future of the agency post-COVID. It’s time to get clued up.

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Supercharged UX & CRO 

Purchasing behaviour has permanently shifted as the pandemic has pushed more people online than ever and accelerated brands’ digital journeys. What does it take to improve UX and what’s the status 12 months on from COVID? How have brands improved their digital offerings and how has this impacted CRO? The average customer will visit your site 3.4 times before they're ready to buy – are you properly positioning your brand and understanding the new online and mobile customer journey?

CX & Personalisation Post-COVID

We know that 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalised experiences, but this is still somewhat of an elusive holy grail. During the pandemic, applying consumer data to create tailored product recommendations and smart personalisation tactics to inform targeted, dynamic content has been critical to converting new shoppers. Add to the mix the cost to businesses of poor customer service, estimated at £201 billion in the UK alone (Facebook) and it’s clear that companies have to get smarter when it comes to learning about their customers.

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Becoming truly Omnichannel

As a result of COVID, retailers are reviewing and adapting their digital presence across apps, mobile as well as web and social media. Being truly omnichannel is all about getting the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel and presenting a unified customer journey. With customer data stored in different parts of the business, getting the messaging right can be tricky. Those brands with a strong omnichannel strategy will typically retain 89% of customers. In a world of limited physical interactions, it’s more important than ever to bridge the physical-digital commerce gap and have a single customer view. Sponsored by: 

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Delivery & Fulfilment

With global supply chains impacted by COVID, Brexit and delays, we’ll discuss the big questions; will there be a killer app for delivery and fulfilment? Did COVID mark a shift in peak times and what’s been the knock-on effects on final mile delivery, warehousing, packaging and delivery times? The informed consumer demands sustainability and most retailers are seeking ways to minimise their impact on the environment.

Multi-Channel Marketing & Social Commerce

2020 saw commerce moving closer to consumers in their homes and on their devices. Social media platforms have become increasingly commerce-enabled and marketers need to track the channels where at-home consumers are increasingly spending their time and money. As streaming platforms also experience exponential growth, will we see a rise in media-enabled commerce in the future?