2020 Session Highlights.

2020 Session Highlights.

Driving customer centricity: Striking a balance between performance marketing and brand marketing

Check out this session to hear about striking a balance between performance marketing and brand marketing when driving customer centricity. Presented by experts including Martin Newman, Founder - The Customer First Group, Mr Craig Smith, Former Digital Commerce Director - ted baker, Matt Phelan, Co-founder - The Happiness Index and Nadine Neatrour, Chief Customer Officer - BY TERRY.

Whisky hacked – innovating in the Attention Economy

We are in an epic battle for eyes and ears, a 'smash and grab’ raid on our attention. It is one constant, never-ending stream of content that comes in through our eyes and out of our brains at the speed of a touchscreen. 

We are all converging into narrowing spaces. Facing competition from a myriad of brands in and out of our sector. It’s a daily battle and we need to set about changing the way we win hearts and minds. Reframe the thinking. 

In this talk, the Head of Innovation from William Grant & Son and Founder of agency, Tommy describe how they put innovation at the heart of a campaign to successfully launch a new, unique product in a cluttered, traditional sector, to a whole new audience.

Work smarter, not harder – The 5 stages of email automation

Marketing teams are shrinking in size, and versatility is the name of the game.  The modern-day marketer has to work serval roles; lead generator, copywriter, social media guru and of course email marketer (amongst other things). Lighten the load and give yourself more valuable time to tackle the seemingly never-ending list of tasks you have on your plate, the ace card you need to play has to be marketing automation. Join Gavin as he walks through the five stages of email marketing automation, what messaging your customers expect at each stage, unearthing the rich data to power these campaigns, as well as the strategic plays required to encourage repeat sales and drive up your ROI.

The future of the agency

What does the future have in store for agencies? Our expert panellists can tell you in this most attended session. Speakers include Mr Dino Myers-Lamptey, Founder - The Barber Shop, Beth Freedman, CEO - Dentsu X, Nat Cummins, CEO - Zenith, Mr Patrick Affleck, CEO - Havas Media Group, Ms Michelle Whelan, CEO - Geometry UK and Michael Frohlich, CEO - Ogilvy.

Where artificial intelligence meets human creativity

Facebook's Planning Director, Ian Edwards gives an in-depth insight into AI's potentially disruptive future and how it can also bring about opportunity. 

 Ian takes us through how he thinks this technology will develop in the coming years, how it will change marketing and how it will create lots of opportunities for both businesses and how marketers can work using this technology.  

Where Creativity meets Technology - From the world's oldest publisher

Director of Digital at The Spectator, Tom Morgan explains talks us through the creative process and the way in which people use it. 

People think that Technology and Creativity are two opposite ends of the spectrum when, in fact, they are not. The future of marketing is an intense collaboration with technology teams. 

Stay tuned for 2021's virtual agenda which will be LIVE in the coming weeks!